Architecture is the science that creates and transforms the physical spaces for live, visit, learn, work,. Someway, the forms, the light, the materials, the colors, the surrounding sensations, become our way of life.

As many philosophies affirm, we think that a symptom is the result of a global relationship with environment. ArQisol is born to promote in essence the entailment of people that use the buildings with architecture itself and its environment.

To make it possible, ArQisol is supported in three basic concepts:

  • The culture: Understood as an historic value, as an axis of the present we live and as projection and future.
  • Specialized architecture: Every building has a very specific use, unique and personal, despite of being multipurpose. Every building will live its own story through the people who lives in it.
  • Respect to environment: Nowadays is essential to face all the projects previously studying  the social environment where the  facilities will be placed, the environmental surroundings, constructing with the maximum respect for environment (in reference to materials, systems, energies, etc) and the economic environment.